hfc u is now in session!


Are you a college student that thinks Alzheimer's sucks? Enroll in HFC U and help us Kick Alz in the Ballz! 

HFC U is a nationwide program that encourages and supports college groups to throw their very own Hilarity for Charity events to raise awareness and much needed funds for fighting Alzheimer’s disease. 


The school that raises the most money between now and April 10, 2016, will win a visit from Seth Rogen! Visit our CrowdRise page to sign up now.


To date, HFC U has raised over $200,000 to support Hilarity for Charity!

Last, the winners, the University of Vermont Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Chi Omegas, raised over $30,000 and got to host Seth Rogen and Chris Mintz-Plasse for a live commentary screening of Superbad We're very excited to see what kind of moo-lah we can raise this year!

How Exactly Does It All Work?

Hilarity for Charity will provide the basic elements, support and structure necessary for groups of college students (including fraternities, sororities, student organizations, leadership groups, groups of friends, etc.) to host their own fundraising event on their campus.
What type of events are HFC U events? Well, if your group already has an existing fundraiser, we are thrilled for you to turn it into an HFC U event! If you don’t already have one, we are pleased to provide basic instructions and guidelines for throwing your very own:

After you start your team and choose your event, we will send you your fundraising toolkit to help ensure your event is a success! Some things we’ll provide:

Sign up for the 2105-16 HFC U contest today!
If you are interested in hosting an HFC U event to bring Seth Rogen to your school, contact us at hfcu@hilarityforcharity.org to learn more!


Don't forget...Alzheimer's sucks!

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